Sanna Cederström

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Ethnicity: Scandinavian
Haircolour: Blonde
Eyecolour: Blue
Height: 5’ 9” (175 cm)
Language: Swedish, English, basic Spanish and German
Acting age: 23-35
Skills: Horseback riding. Can speak “värmländska”





Movie Selection
2016 ”Kristina Queen of ice” Main character, WB Media
2016 ”The Dominican”
 Main character, Tarantino Production, Nokra Film & Lime Twist
2015   ”Like Me
” Supporting character, Cinemantrix / Gudrun Giddings / Hans Montelius
2015  ”The Lost Cubans” Main character, Twister Film Production
/Twister Film
2015  ”What we do for love” Main character, Twister Film Production
/Twister Film
2014  ”Peka Commercial” Main character, Its showtime / Henrik Kindgren
2013   ”Älskar dig med” Supporting character, Kulturama
2013 ”Shortcuts
” Supporting character, Stockholm Filmskola
2013 ”Den rätta
” Supporting character, 
Miro Anter
2013   ”Inte mer”
 Supporting character, Kulturama
2010   ”Fiat Dobló Commercial” Supporting character, Leo Burnett / David Kellog / Janusz Kaminski

2014 Gestalt therapy for actors, Marcus Groth
2013-2014 Meisner technique, Studio Meisner
, Emelie Nyman
2013 Acting for film, Cinemantrix, Hans Montelius / Jonas Larsson
2013 Acting for film
, Calle Flygare Teaterskola, Johan Hedenberg, Ulf Hanson & Anna Rothlin

2014 International casting by Liza Stutzky & Linda Steinhoff 2013 Casting workshop by Catharina Alinder

I have the opportunity to stay for free when I go to castings in Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Deutschland.