John Wells



John Wells

Height: 6‘1″
Weight: 190
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Gray







Kentucky native, John Wells, began his career as a screen actor in 2006, and wasted no time in making his presence known on the independent film scene.
“A rare talent,” as described by director and producer, Leigh Scott of Imaginarium LLC, “Able to immerse himself into any character roles that have little resemblance to his normal persona, while having the charisma and gravitas to carry an entire film. Both a character actor and a leading man.”
Leaving memorable performances in a string of successful independent feature films such as the award winning Action/Comedy, “Overtime,” the sweeping depression era drama “The Old Winter,” and as the eccentric comic relief in the satirical romp, “Piranha Sharks,” he is acclaimed for his dynamic versatility, expressive features, and dramatic presence on screen.
In regard to his villainous role in the fantasy film, “The Rangers”, Director Ron Newcomb of The Forge studios said, “Wells is humble in his pursuit, relentless in his effort, uplifting to his peers, and awe-striking to those who witness his talent. He makes movie sets better.”
In 2011, he won Best Actor at the International Fright Night Film Festival, as well as the award for Best One-Liner for his work in “Overtime”. In 2014 The Floyd Film Festival gave him the Best Actor Award for his performance in the short supernatural thriller, “The Paper Tiger.”
In 2015 he was honored with the first annual Médaille d’Or Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film for a Kentucky Resident. John continues to thrive as an artist and professional, unyielding in his journey for growth and exploration. In 2016 he’ll be taking on his greatest endeavor yet as lead protagonist in the dark medieval epic, “Legend of Dark Rider,” shooting in the snowy mountains of Scandinavia.

Swedish filmmaker, Titus Paar, who wrote the role especially for him was quoted saying, “Remember the name, John Wells. Already a star, in years a legend. One of the few true action stars of this generation.”


Homewrecked Vincent Michael S. Rodriguez
Awakening Trey Balderson (Lead) Antonio Pantoja
How Do I Jack (Lead) Steven Lipscomb
Loss Prevention Christian Boland (Lead) Niehoff/Cunningham
The Rangers Prince Korlan Magan (Lead) Ron Newcomb
Piranha Sharks Wally (Lead) Leigh Scott
The Old Winter Henry Lamb (Lead) John A. Coulter
The Paper Tiger Shawn Redman (Lead) Pantoja/Cook
The Lost Girls Dimitri (Principal Supporting) Leigh Scott
The Penny Dreadful Picture Show Chauncy (Principal Supporting) Leigh Scott
Overtime Max (Lead) Niehoff/Cunningham
Bad Blood: The Hatfields & McCoys Valentine Hatfield (Supporting) Fred Olen ray
Midnight Sun Thomas Black (Lead) Troy H. King
Swordbearer Baliak Kel Mari (Lead) Stephen Zimmer Vacation Day Joe Griffin (Lead) Eric Severs

Wonder Woman:Molded from Clay-Pilot  Hades Jason Hough
Before The Dark (6 Episodes) Vladimire Dubrinski (Lead) Sheila English
Girl/Girl Scene Episode 207 Max Hadwell Matt Niehoff

AWARDS “Médaille d’Or” 2015 Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film for a Kentucky Native Best Actor, 2014
Floyd Film Festival, for “The Paper Tiger” Best Actor, 2011 International Fright Night Film Festival, for  “Overtime”
Best One Liner, 2011 International Fright Night Film Festival, for  “Overtime”

SKILLS Music: Singing, Lead Vocals, Harmony, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Song writing Physical: A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer, Weight lifting, Bodybuilding, Calisthenics, Aerobics, Nutrition, Kinesiology, Martial Arts (Bo Staff) Dialects: Southern, British, Cockney, New York, Scottish, Irish, Spanish, Mexican, Italian, French