Sophia Heikkilä


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Height:   160 cm / 63”
Hair:   Blond, straight
Eye color: Green
Size: S/36
Voice: 1st soprano



Sophia Heikkilä (nee Karlsson, born 1982) is a Finnish-Swedish actress and singer based in Helsinki, Finland. She got her MA from the Teater Academy of Helsinki in 2010 and has since then worked on stage and on camera in both Swedish, Finnish and English productions. Since 2011 she has been employed at the Swedish National Theater of Finland, Svenska Teatern, as one of only a few young actresses.

In 2004 Sophia co-wrote one episode and played the lead role, Marianne, in another episodes of the TV-series fling, directed by award-winning filmmaker Ulrika Bengts. The TV-series was nominated in several categories at the annual Venla Awards 2005 (the Finnish equivalent of The Emmy Awards), and eventually received an Erikois-Venla Award. Sophia also played the lead Cherry in a short film Cherry is not your friend which was screened at different film festivals in 2009.

Sophia has also done numerous radio plays for the Finnish National Radio YLE and played the voice of world famous painter Helene Schjerfbeck in a documentary about her in 2012, which was broadcasted in both Finland and Sweden.

In 2016 Sophia can be seen in three different Finnish TV-series; Lola uppochner directed by Ulrika Bengts, Sorjonen (Bordertown) directed by Miikko Oikkonen, and Ex-onnelliset directed by Johanna Vuoksenmaa.

2016 Kerttu, Sånger vid randen av ett grått hav, Pipsa Lonka, dir. Janne Reinikainen
2014 Various characters, Kappan/The Overcoat, Leskinen & Keski-Vähälä (Svenska Teatern), dir. Mitja Sirén
2012 Amalia, Advent, August Strindberg (Svenska Teatern), dir. Mitja Sirén
2011 Alice Ayres, Closer, Patrick Marber (Helsinki Fringe), dir. Kris Gummerus / Marc Svanström
2011 Aurora Karamzin, Annina Enckell (Svenska Teatern), dir. Åsa Kalmér
2011 Zara, Utrensning/Purge, Sofi Oksanen (Wasa Teater, ÅST, Riksteatern), dir. Peter Snickars
2010 Erica, Efeu, Joshtinkel, Mephisto, Klaus Mann (TeaK), dir. Kia Berglund
2009 Tom, Gagarin Way, Gregory Burke (TeaK), dir. Valters Silis
2009 Sofi, Final, Victoria Benedictsson (Dramaten), dir. Hilda Hellwig
2008 Julia, Godhet/Goodness, Michael Redhill (Svenska Teatern), dir Ross Manson
2008 Fatima, Arabian Night, Roland Schimmelpfennig (DI), dir. Rasmus Lindberg

TV & film
2016 Elina, Ex-onnelliset (TV-series), dir. Johanna Vuoksenmaa (post production)
2016 Minna Maasalo, Sorjonen/Bordertown (TV-series), dir. Miikko Oikkonen (post production)
2016 Läkare, Lola uppochner (TV-series), dir. Ulrika Bengts (post production)
2012 Helene Schjerfbecks röst, Den unga Schjerfbeck (dokumentary for FST), dir. Charlotte Airas
2004 Marianne (and co-writer), fling, 5th episode Liljan (TV-series for FST & SVT), dir. Ulrika Bengts
2010 Matthew’s wife, The Insignificant Truth, short film Hunt It Down Productions, dir. Kenneth Klaile
2009 Cherry, Cherry is not your friend, short film by Hunt It Down Productions, dir. Kenneth Klaile

2014 Mary, Krocket klockan elva, Thomas Wulff ((Radioteatern/YLE), dir. Jessica Edén
2013 Mirabelle, Fästingsommar, Annina Enckell (Radioteatern/YLE), dir. Martin Bahne
2012 Janette, Vacker vårkväll, Rainer Alander (Radioteatern/YLE), dir. Per-Olof Strandberg
2011 Alexandra, De gamlas dans, Annina Enckell (Radioteatern/YLE), dir. Solveig Mattson
2010 Swedish educational audio book for Finnish speaking high school students, Finn Lectura
2010 Marie Linder, Marie Linder; en qvinna af vår tid (Radio Vega/YLE), dir. Marielle Eklund

2005-2010: Theatre Academy of Helsinki, MA
2002-2005: Hanken School of Economics

Singing, dancing, piano, guitar, horseback riding, Swedish, English and other accents, languages in general, graphic design, PADI Open Water Diver’s Certificate

Language skills
Swedish: mother tongue
English: fluent
Finnish: fluent
German: satisfactory
Spanish: fair
Japanese, French, Danish: the very basics