Linnea Pihl


Hair: Dark blonde, long
Eyes: Blue
Height: 178 cm, 5’10
Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)

Bitch Support Felicia Creative Corpse 2016
Inga Lindström – September Storm Support Mina Bavaria Film 2016
Sensoria Featured The Girl Grindhouse Pictures 2015

SHORT FILM (Selection)
Insomnia Lead Insomniac Linda Fernlund 2015
The Master Burglar – and the Aquarium Thief Lead Aquarium Thief Kevin&Roy 2016
Fristad a.k.a Haven Co-Lead Claire Moxie&Mayhem 2016
Fringe Lead Lou Kevin&Roy 2015
Modus Co-Lead Tilda Anton Barck 2011
Vi Måste Prata Co-Lead Julia Tegler Film 2011

Ballers (HBO) Feat. Anderson’s assistant 7 Bucks Ent. 2015
Terra X – Der Wikinger Feat. Chieftain’s wife Gruppe5 2013

Long Way Home webseries Support Nicole Anagram 2014
Uprise – Computer game Voice acting Vega VivaLaVisual 2015
Perfect Half- pilot Voice acting Demi VivaLaVisual 2015

Actors Centre London – Weekend masterclass in Michael Chekhov Technique with Gretchen
Egolf. October 2015
Guildhall Summer School – ”Acting in Shakespeare and Contemporary Theatre”
A three week intensive course focusing on reading, interpreting and performing parts from
MacBeth, but also stage combat, period dance, movement, improvisation, voice technique and puppetry. Teachers included: Patsy Rodenburg, Eliot Shrimpton, Wyn Jones, Ken Rea and Finn Caldwell
Nordic Stage Fight Society – Two three week intensives during 2012 and 2013, working on broadsword, rapier and unarmed stage combat. Teachers: Peppe Östensson, Brad Waller, Oula Kitti.

Horseback riding. Sings in the soprano range. Plays ukulele. Fluent in Swedish (Mother tongue).
English dialects: British RP and Standard American.