Scandinavian Actors Agency is a small, independent agency, working out of an actors perspective.
We are an underdog in the business.

We are not like others. We don’t have a huge staff, any fancy office and we have low costs.

We have a web site where most of our actors are presented, updated to your satisfaction, when you want. We have a public Facebook page, a semi-hidden group for people in the business, mainly Scandinavia and a group dedicated for our members.

Where we help each other: tip about roles that you cannot engage in yourself, contacts and an occasional pat on the back.

We have a close relationship with casting agencies, producers and directors, scanning domestic and foreign casting sites and try to find interesting and relevant jobs.

When assigned to a job, we market you, together with the producers and PR people in all the ways we can, up to and after the release of the production. Personally, we have a long history of journalism, advertising and PR agent works. Those networks are kept warm.

But – the responsibility to get jobs is first and foremost a task for you. You will have to go to auditions; you have to do anything you can to get that job. We are helping you with all the paperwork (taxes, contracts, travels and other practical details), should you want that, and negotiate with the producers about your fee and other benefits. But we do try to get you into productions actively and cooperate with fellow agents regularly.

The company is currently runned and maintained by Henrik Tengby and some of his appointed people. He is an experienced writer, PR-agent, advertising agent and journalist. Well suited for this task, with a history of international work for more than 40 years.